Steam Wash

Steam Wash

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapour to clean a car’s exterior and interior. We are the first ever to use OPTIMA Steamer, technically proven to be the World’s Best Steam Machine. With the OPTIMA’s combination of steam pressure and heat, it can clean and deodorize even the tightest spaces and fittings that would otherwise be completely inaccessible with a pressure washer, making your car sparkle.

Interior Steam Cleaning Benefits:

  • • Eliminates odors from pet stains, smoking, mold and mildews.
  • • A lot less messy as its only the steam jet and hence less amount of water is used and spilled.
  • • Deep clean and freshen fabrics quickly and easily.
  • • Hard to reach areas like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, and armrests are done in a matter of minutes.
  • • Leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as cleaning is complete
  • • Sterilizes and kills bacteria, ensures a Germ-free interior
  • • No Chemicals used, A completely Eco friendly choice.

Exterior Steam Cleaning Benefits:

  • • Removes all dirt from the exterior of the car, without any effort.
  • • No toxic residues left on surfaces.
  • • Cleans windows without streaking.
  • • Removes wax, tar and other compounds from chrome, mouldings and bumpers.
  • • Vinyl tops, wheels, whitewalls are all cleaned easily, quickly and completely.
  • • Bottled Mineral water is used and NOT salty water, best for your car in long term